Entering and training for my first Powerlifting Meet

I made the decision to enter a powerlifting meet after Barry (my PT) suggested it might be something that would appeal to me.  I didn’t give it too much thought at first and went along with it whilst still not being convinced about it.

I didn’t announce to anyone that I was doing it until the end of last year, I guess it kept the pressure off me and to be honest I wasn’t confident that I would actually go through with it.

My training went well and I made consistent gains in all 3 lifts (squat, bench and deadlift).  Then in September I had some bother with my lower back.  I eventually managed to get that resolved but I was concerned about how much it had hampered my training.

Powerlifting part 1 - trainingI found it quite difficult to train after a while, not physically, more my enthusiasm.  The training is very repetitive as you are always working on the 3 lifts therefore 3 days a week doing squats, bench and deadlift with some accessory work can get pretty boring!

At the start of the year it was suggested that we all trained as a group.  There were 5 of us training for the competition (or Meet as it is known).  So every Sunday we met at Barry’s gym and we trained together.

At the first session I was having a meltdown about my back.  It was still niggling at me and there were a few other things that were going on at the tie which were stressing me out.  As most of you will know, I’m not a stressed person.

It was suggested that maybe I should leave it and enter another Meet later in the year but I wasn’t away to give up after training so hard.  We decided that I should keep training and see how it went; if I needed to pull out nearer the time then I could.

At that first group session I couldn’t squat more than 65kg without my back niggling so I was nervous but I felt much better after training with everyone as a group.

Powerlifting part 1The following week I had another appointment at the osteopath and that seemed to do the trick as my back felt much better.  I managed to gradually build up my squat weights again.  Before long I forgot that my back had even been an issue.

Training on those Sunday sessions made a huge difference to my lifting.  I think just being in a group of people, all training towards the same goal, motivating and encouraging one another, and the adrenaline that came from that, gave my lifting a real boost.


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