Under promise and over deliver

We’re into the last quarter of the year so how are those fitness goals going?

Often we can set ourselves unrealistic plans at the start of the year and rapidly our enthusiasm diminishes.  We start off by saying we’ll go to the gym five times a week, clean eat Monday through Friday, cut out alcohol, sweets and treats.

In reality this lasts a week or two at most with a promise to start again come Monday.
The reason this plan fails is that it’s too much of a behaviour change.

Why not instead set a plan to increase activity, improve your eating, and reduce treats and alcohol incrementally.

By under promising and over delivering rather than over promising and under delivering you give yourself a much greater opportunity for success and changing your behaviour long term.

If your goals need a bit of revival as we head into the later stages of the year, stop and reflect where you are, consider what’s manageable for you and give yourself a jump start:

  1. Set realistic, incremental goals
    Under promise and over deliver
  2. Be clear on why you want it
    Fuel your motivation
    Invest in yourself
  3. Try something new
    See our “I am Team GB” article from last month.

Maybe you’re looking to make big changes to your health and fitness.  If you’d like some help get in touch with us via email at jen@jeninnes.co.uk


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