Christmas motivation

With Christmas just around the corner, wintry weather and the dark nights it’s easy to lose your motivation throughout the day and instead of heading to the gym after work you decide that you’ll just head for home … sound familiar?!?

Here are some simple ideas to try and help you get to the gym and have a great workout:

  • Keep your gym gear in the car, that way there’s no excuse to go home first and then end up staying there
  • Pre-book a class so that you have something booked and a reason to go
  • Arrange to meet someone at the gym to train with, that way you should feel more motivated as you won’t want to let them down, you’ve made the commitment!
  • Listen to some upbeat and motivational music while you’re in the car on the way to the gym
  • Make sure you have eaten enough and drunk enough water throughout the day so that you have the energy for your workout and don’t feel tired or sluggish


Just think how great you’ll feel when it comes to Christmas day – you’ll enjoy your Christmas dinner even more!

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