Five years ago I was overweight and very unfit.  I would lose my breath climbing the stairs or running around playing with my daughter and dogs.  I lacked confidence and felt terrible about myself.  I knew I needed to make a change.  I started small, making healthier food choices, going to some classes.  I lost 4 stone But then I hit a wall.

I couldn’t lose any more weight on my own and I felt I wasn’t making any more progress.  I lost interest, and felt defeated.  I didn’t want to undo all of my hard work so I decided to get back on track and do something about it.

This is when Jen came into my life.

Jen is immensely passionate about what she does and her natural enthusiasm helped to relax my early worries surrounding my lack of fitness when she first started working with me.  She took the time to listen to my story, understand my needs and work with me to identify some goals to aim for as part of my training.  Each goal has been a challenge, and she has pushed me to work hard towards each one and been first to congratulate me on achieving success.

With her continued guidance, my attitude has transformed from “can’t do” to “will do!!’’ Most importantly, Jen treats me as an individual; she applies a tailored program for me, to achieve my goals, rather than applying a generic “one size fits all” approach.

I work with Jen 4 times a week –  PT, Saturday group PT, spin class and box fit.  She has taught me how to activate the muscles and not just do the motions, I have learned so much.  Jen has also given me the guidelines to tackle my diet and understand calorie intake.  Jen is a stickler for technique and for me this is very reassuring, knowing that the effort I put in is being done properly.

I’ve been working with Jen now for just over a year and I can’t believe the transformation in my body; I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could be.

Brady Lane Rodger

“I have been training with Jen since October 2015.  She has gradually increased the difficulties of the various exercises and managed to make it fun and rewarding.  My objective was/is core and leg strength to improve my skiing.  I pushed myself even harder back in December 2016 in preparation for my New Year ski trip.  It turns out that I truly enjoyed skiing more so than the previous years. I felt stronger on the legs, I could go longer on the skis and the best of the best was the powder experience: I was finally able to control my speed and turn shape in steep powder run.

That was just awesome. Thanks Jen for transforming my skiing experience.”

Emmanuelle Marshall

“I’ve been getting personal training from Jen for the last two years.  I was pretty new to the gym and to be honest it felt pretty daunting to me but Jen has been superb and supportive.  She always keeps it fresh with new techniques but keeps it straight forward and simple at the same time.  This is ideal for me.  I have had a few issues with my back this year and Jen has always taken that into consideration with my training.  I highly recommend Jen, job well done.” 

Varie Williamson

“I started training with Jen in a bid to improve myself, to get my fitness and body into better shape and condition, and also aim to build muscle.  What I actually achieved with Jens help was far more than this! Using my PT programs and various PT sessions, my overall strength, looks and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.  Each workout is tailored to you so you achieve exactly what you have discussed.  I have learnt so much from Jen, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions which come up – her dedication is clear.  Jen is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational … and I can’t recommend her enough!!”

Michelle j Jackson

“I highly recommend Jen Innes Personal Training. Jen has the ability to make you realise your potential. Just when you think you can’t do that last rep she has the skill to help you find the strength to push yourself that little bit more and after your session you’ll see the difference in your definition.

Thanks Jen for everything, you make a real difference to my work out!”

Raymond Donald

“Jen is a great personal trainer and really helps me reach my goals of losing weight and toning up.

She is extremely motivational and supportive, I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle.

Jen is very knowledgeable and focused on realistic goals and improvements; her approach is enthusiastic and encouraging. I started to do gym classes with her 4 years ago, but I got stuck on a plateau, I needed a change. I have worked with her for 5 months now and what a difference!

I feel fitter and more focused. Her sessions are never boring and she always comes up with new exciting work plans that are realistic yet challenging.”

Ibolya Lees

“Jen Innes with her ethical and enthusiastic approach to achieving fitness goals comes highly recommended by me. When I first started with Jen I had what I thought to be a reasonable level of fitness. I enjoyed participation in classes (mainly spin and body pump) and enjoyed outside activities like running and cycling.

This year I set myself some challenges to raise money for charity and not wanting to take it too seriously (but not let the side down) and not wanting to injure myself and to get through the year, I approached Jen to help me with a reasonable and varied fitness program to ensure health, wellbeing, fitness and most importantly enjoyment (so I wouldn’t give up half way through)!

Jen supported and coached me to achieve my goals, but not only that, she developed my fitness levels in ways that I didn’t find monotonous, exhausting and impossible to do, I have really enjoyed every program set for me and the 1:1sessions.

Jen is totally in tune with my work commitments, sets me reasonable goals and has incorporated the things I love doing into my program i.e. running and cycling. She’s even teaching me to swim!

I’ve found that during our sessions we spend time discussing my nutritional needs and as part of her fitness community on Facebook, by sharing recipes, I’ve found that I’ve made changes to my diet which have dramatically improved my body profile, general well being and sleep patterns.

I would recommend Jen to anyone regardless of existing abilities, fitness levels or goals and she is truly motivational so I know she will make a difference to everyone she supports.”

Dianne Donald

I’ve been having Personal Training with Jen for around 2months now, and am already noticing much desired changes in my bodyshape and in my fitness. Jen has taught me to enjoy the gym and is a great motivator. Sessions are fun and different every time making them something I look forward to, rather than dread! Jen provides helpful nutrition and workout advice and is continually supportive and encouraging. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking to achieve personal goals or improve/maintain fitness. Thanks Jen! 🙂

Ashleigh Howie

“I initially approached Jen at Fit2Drop Fitness for a couple of sessions with my intention being she would show me how to use the gym equipment to my advantage and I would get on with it!

I was also looking for some motivation and advice as I had been attending classes for years but still didn’t see any difference in my body shape; that was some months ago and now I’m totally hooked. 

The more sessions I had and the more I could see change in my body shape the more I booked.

Jen continually pushes me without the need for shouting; the motivation comes from encouragement and support. She motivates in a way that makes me want to make both of us proud of my development and achievement. 

I suffer with balance issues and Jen has been amazing in seeing me through some very wobbly sessions with encouragement. She has never seen this ailment as an obstacle, quite the opposite, Jen has helped immensely in overcoming the doubts I had about being able to train with this condition. 

In the time Jen is offshore she always leaves me with a programme I can achieve on my own. However, I’m very much looking forward to Jen being onshore permanently as I work much harder when she is standing over me!

I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone wanting a personal trainer. She is an amazing motivator, always pushing hard but with a smile on her face and a whole lot of encouragement. With Jen I am taking on the body shape I desire, I am fitter and feel more energized, and very importantly, have had a lot of fun!”

Angela Goldie

Having been going to the gym for just over a year and attending various classes I was feeling frustrated and just really going through the motions. From the minute I met with Jen I felt motivated and knew she understood what I was looking to achieve.

I have been working with Jen since April and notice such an improvement in my overall fitness and also my ability. I am even getting muscles!!!

Each week we do something different outwith my regular training programme which is great as it keeps it varied and also let’s me try new things.

Jen is very motivational and really sees how to get the best out of each individual – this is definitely not a one size fits all training experience. And best of all it is fun too.

Nicola Clubb