Five years ago I was overweight and very unfit.  I would lose my breath climbing the stairs or running around playing with my daughter and dogs.  I lacked confidence and felt terrible about myself.  I knew I needed to make a change.  I started small, making healthier food choices, going to some classes.  I lost 4 stone But then I hit a wall.

I couldn’t lose any more weight on my own and I felt I wasn’t making any more progress.  I lost interest, and felt defeated.  I didn’t want to undo all of my hard work so I decided to get back on track and do something about it.

This is when Jen came into my life.

Jen is immensely passionate about what she does and her natural enthusiasm helped to relax my early worries surrounding my lack of fitness when she first started working with me.  She took the time to listen to my story, understand my needs and work with me to identify some goals to aim for as part of my training.  Each goal has been a challenge, and she has pushed me to work hard towards each one and been first to congratulate me on achieving success.

With her continued guidance, my attitude has transformed from “can’t do” to “will do!!’’ Most importantly, Jen treats me as an individual; she applies a tailored program for me, to achieve my goals, rather than applying a generic “one size fits all” approach.

I work with Jen 4 times a week –  PT, Saturday group PT, spin class and box fit.  She has taught me how to activate the muscles and not just do the motions, I have learned so much.  Jen has also given me the guidelines to tackle my diet and understand calorie intake.  Jen is a stickler for technique and for me this is very reassuring, knowing that the effort I put in is being done properly.

I’ve been working with Jen now for just over a year and I can’t believe the transformation in my body; I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could be.

― Brady Lane Rodger