“I initially approached Jen at Fit2Drop Fitness for a couple of sessions with my intention being she would show me how to use the gym equipment to my advantage and I would get on with it!

I was also looking for some motivation and advice as I had been attending classes for years but still didn’t see any difference in my body shape; that was some months ago and now I’m totally hooked. 

The more sessions I had and the more I could see change in my body shape the more I booked.

Jen continually pushes me without the need for shouting; the motivation comes from encouragement and support. She motivates in a way that makes me want to make both of us proud of my development and achievement. 

I suffer with balance issues and Jen has been amazing in seeing me through some very wobbly sessions with encouragement. She has never seen this ailment as an obstacle, quite the opposite, Jen has helped immensely in overcoming the doubts I had about being able to train with this condition. 

In the time Jen is offshore she always leaves me with a programme I can achieve on my own. However, I’m very much looking forward to Jen being onshore permanently as I work much harder when she is standing over me!

I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone wanting a personal trainer. She is an amazing motivator, always pushing hard but with a smile on her face and a whole lot of encouragement. With Jen I am taking on the body shape I desire, I am fitter and feel more energized, and very importantly, have had a lot of fun!”

― Angela Goldie