“Jen Innes with her ethical and enthusiastic approach to achieving fitness goals comes highly recommended by me. When I first started with Jen I had what I thought to be a reasonable level of fitness. I enjoyed participation in classes (mainly spin and body pump) and enjoyed outside activities like running and cycling.

This year I set myself some challenges to raise money for charity and not wanting to take it too seriously (but not let the side down) and not wanting to injure myself and to get through the year, I approached Jen to help me with a reasonable and varied fitness program to ensure health, wellbeing, fitness and most importantly enjoyment (so I wouldn’t give up half way through)!

Jen supported and coached me to achieve my goals, but not only that, she developed my fitness levels in ways that I didn’t find monotonous, exhausting and impossible to do, I have really enjoyed every program set for me and the 1:1sessions.

Jen is totally in tune with my work commitments, sets me reasonable goals and has incorporated the things I love doing into my program i.e. running and cycling. She’s even teaching me to swim!

I’ve found that during our sessions we spend time discussing my nutritional needs and as part of her fitness community on Facebook, by sharing recipes, I’ve found that I’ve made changes to my diet which have dramatically improved my body profile, general well being and sleep patterns.

I would recommend Jen to anyone regardless of existing abilities, fitness levels or goals and she is truly motivational so I know she will make a difference to everyone she supports.”

― Dianne Donald